Staff Attraction And Retention

One of the most critical challenges facing business owners today is the ability to attract and retain valued employees across all levels. Salary Packaging delivers substantial tax savings to an employee at no cost to the employer.

By adopting a Salary Packaging strategy you become an Employer of choice. By offering Novated Leasing you keep up to date with current remuneration strategies while transferring the risks of owning and operating a motor vehicle to the employee.


Reduce The Administration Burden

A Motorpac managed Novated Lease relieves your organization of the administration burden, as the employee pays our management fee as part of the vehicle operating expenses.
With years of experience in Novated Leasing, we have the processes and the resources to meet your requirements. These include:

  • FBT Reporting; We endeavor to minimise and negate any FBT that may arise for your employee’s Novated Lease. This is achieved by monitoring and having an open dialog with your employees.
  • Reimbursements and payments of vehicle running costs.
  • Collecting odometer readings.
  • Registration and Insurance renewals.

We provide the education to understand Novated leasing from an employer perspective and the employees.


No Risk Of Ownership

With a Novated Lease Agreement the vehicle is retained by the employee should they leave their employment. The employer is not left holding a surplus or redundant vehicle.


No Balance Sheet Liability

As the employee assumes the risk and ownership of the Lease, the employer does not assume the requirement of Balance Sheet reporting.


Total Cost Of The Vehicle Is Met By The Employee

A managed and budgeted novated lease spreads the total whole of term operating cost of the vehicle into regular monthly payments which are deducted from the employee’s salary package.

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